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Simply Transcend specializes in professional individual and group coaching which Elevates People Effectiveness. Leader, Manager or Individual effectiveness assist the business in achieving its financial targets whilst maintaining a conducive, sustainable people culture.


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Bachelor of Arts (BA) majoring in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

International Diploma Professional Consciousness Coaching Coaching 4 Growth

International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Industry Exposure:
Financial Services, Manufacturing, IT, Retail

Practical Experience:
Leadership development, Change Management, Succession and Talent Management, Employee Well-being, Performance Management, Recruitment, Strategy development and Implementation

our Reviews?

From the first session, Parisha helped me see that taking ownership of my job gave me more options than I thought, which quelled my anxiety. Her experience, professionalism, insight, coaching and guidance have not only helped me in all other facets of my life. She literally changes people’s lives in so many ways! During my 3 (thus far) sessions, Parisha has given me achievable objectives each week, helped me learn more about myself, showed me how to take charge of my career, and taught me to effectively market myself.  The resources she has provided, along with her incredible guidance and wisdom, helped me transition from hopeless to hopeful; from passive to proactive; from unclear to crystal clear; from bound-up to boundless. I am confident that I will now stand-out above all else. Without Parisha’s guidance and expertise, I would not have been able to develop the materials and mind-set necessary to achieve my career goals. I can say without hesitation that my investment in Career Coaching is the BEST investment I have ever made in myself.

Niresh Sewpursad

Manager: Testing and Quality Assurance, Road Accident Fund

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Parisha for taking me through “Consciousness Coaching”. It has been a journey of introspection and offered me great insights into my goals and assisted me in carving the path to even greater possibilities. The tools I have acquired via this inspiring process will be utilized in every aspect of my personal and professional life. I felt at ease throughout the process as Parisha assured me of the confidentiality and that there was no judgment associated with the process as it was meant for me to truly explore my potential and find ways of stretching my objectives to ensure that the impact was meaningful. Parisha is an exceptional coach with excellent coaching skills and the technique used by her made a positive impact on my interaction and receptivity during the entire process. She was always on time for my sessions and made certain that I was comfortable before each session commenced. I would recommend the “Consciousness Coaching” to anyone who is seeking on “building their personal brand”. It is an investment in one’s self and the coaching experience can only lead to an intangible profit of greater awareness, knowledge, motivation, inspiration and tools for success.

Riona Rajkumar

Parisha Bhoola has put so much energy, willingness, and joyful participation into her coaching sessions. This has allowed me to experience this time with her being completely real with myself; being focused amidst turmoil; being grounded thus allowing my own energy and intentions to be clear. Only through her careful, diligent, well-outlined coaching techniques have I been able to shift myself into another realm of possibility and pure potential. I have so much gratitude for the way Parisha has skillfully guided theses changes in me over such a short time. Thank you, Parisha for sharing your gift with me.

Heather Cubbin



life coach encourages and counsels clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Life coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring and administering therapy. You would hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals, and transitions.

2. What is Consciousness Coaching?

• A Revolution in Consciousness Coaching® is an advanced methodology of coaching that
creates shifts in your consciousness, empowering you to influence your destiny and create
the future you choose to design.
• As a human being, you are inherently resourceful and have within you all the tools you
need to be successful, to be powerful, to be happy and to generate prosperity.
• Our methodology asks the right questions from a place of wisdom, rather than promoting
second-hand knowledge.
• It is an exploratory, forward-looking process of discovery, distinct from therapy which is
concerned at addressing an element or elements of the past (recovery).
• The coaching cycle usually consists of between 6-10 sessions, with a duration of
approximately one hour or ninety minutes in the case of group coaching, per session.
• Coaching goals are determined prior to the commencement of the coaching engagement
and encompass all aspects/ spheres of the client’s life be it professional, personal,
relationship, business or spiritual.
• Coaching sessions may occur via face to face interactions, telephonically or via Skype.
Source: Creative Consciousness South Africa

3. Who would benefit?

• Anyone who is committed to achieving their personal or professional goals
• Consciousness Coaching is goal orientated coaching. The intention is to move an
individual into action of achieving their goals. The Awareness Creations which are
introduced during the sessions support the coachee to gain Clarity, ignite their Creativity,
and become Conscious of their thinking to open new possibility.


Would you ask your friend to fix the plumbing in your home? Would you ask your spouse to teach you to speak French? Not unless they were experts in those fields. So why does it seem normal to rely on our families, friends, and community members to help us achieve our very unique, authentic life goals? Why do we believe that if we don’t find support and help with our goals from those around us then either we aren’t worthy of our goals or there is something wrong with our loved ones?

4. Get Motivated

Sometimes, when we least expect it, life punches us in the face. We lose our jobs, we lose a loved one, we fall into old bad habits, we sink into depression, and so on. And if left alone, it could take years – if ever – to get back to our old awesome selves again.

That’s where your life coach can help. They’re your #1 fan, and will jump in to motivate you out of your funk.

Let’s get mushy: Your life coach loves you. And they’ll work their tails off to help you get back your winning form.

5. Get the Tools You Need to Reach Your Goals

Life coaches aren’t just about words and motivation. Your life coach actually goes down into the trenches with you. As you continue grinding towards your goals, your life coach will be right next to you, sleeves rolled up and hands dirty.

Life coaches understand this one sacred truth in life: That it’s action, not words, that makes things happen. Your life coach will arm you with the tools and skills you need to accomplish more of your goals in much less time.

6. Get the Guidance and Support You Need

Have you ever read or heard news of superstar athletes, famous politicians, and influential politicians make careless decisions that ruin their careers? That’s the danger of success – it can take you places where your character can keep up with you.

Your life coach will keep you from going too fast. They will keep you accountable both to your game plan and to your deepest values. That way, as your success grows, your character will grow in stride with it.


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Coaching, where are we on the ROI conversation?

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“ If the future were yours to create, with no limitations, what would you choose to make of it? “





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